Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Welcome to my world in motion.

Welcome to the site. Feel free to wander around at your leisure. I have posted the site to share with you all my pics, my inner ‘ness’, my passion for painting and creating. There is a little section ‘about me’ and a little section showing you what I do in the ‘portfolio’. In ’what I’m up to now’ section is what projects I’m undertaking and what I am currently my teaching students. If you would be so kind, in the ‘contact me' section , please send me your comments via email, I can then browse them at my leisure. It is always interesting and sometimes quite inspiring to hear what others say about my work. Finally I would like to add that the real passion I have for painting is that I will never run out of things to paint or ways to paint them! It’s what feeds my passion, it is never dull, I'm always learning, always at the beginning and always being challenged and having fun. So …… enjoy, and thanks again for visiting.