About Me

Mia Louise Rogers spent a relaxed childhood in Mistley, Essex and at 19 years moved to Braintree, where her passion for drawing was reignited. Mia quotes ‘ my most peaceful times from childhood memory are those where I am drawing and listening to music’.
Mia Louise Rogers was trained from 1994 to 1997 at the Braintree College where she developed a passion for fine art and painting. Her greatest influences then were Kandinsky, Klee and Rembrandt. In 1997, Mia exhibited her work at Blake End Craft Centre and over the next couple of years began to develop her many styles. Mia moved back to Dovercourt in 1999 with her partner and young daughter.
Mia is inspired by the people she meets and is sensitive to her surroundings. In 2001 she began to explore the realms of meditation and began exploring her psyche through abstract expressionism. In 2004,  she studied a diploma in Art Psychotherapy at Hatfield University and has looked at how art affects us on different levels. Mia has studied the effect of colour and sound on our beings and was   interested in the writings of Kandinsky and Rudolph Steiner.
Mia uses only the finest art materials in her paintings and each piece is professionally undertaken to guarantee you an excellent investment and service.
Mia has sold her work via the internet and through recommendation to date. In 2010 Mia had her first solo exhibition at her home with great success and is showing her work at Artisttree Gallery in Old Harwich.  Mia now takes her art and craft to adults with learning disabilities, cares for the elderly and holds painting workshops.

Current Artists that I adore..... Amanda Clark. http://www.earthangelsart.blogspot.com/